Sensorade Micro Pressure Sensors

Mar 7, 2024 | 0 comments

Our partners Texys UK are pleased to announce that they are now official distributors for the unique Sensorade range of micro-sensors.

With the current pace of advancements in science, engineering and technology the value of micro sensing technology has never been so important. Developing products that better integrate within structures with less flow disruption during testing, offer higher accuracy and reliability is every manufacturer’s primary mission.

Sensorade’s unique manufacturing process has led to the world’s smallest pressure sensor which outperforms competitors in many aspects. The range includes absolute and differential pressure sensors with a cylindrical probe or flat housing configuration from 1.2 to 2.4mm. Ideal for a multitude of test scenarios, wind tunnel analysis, industrial process monitoring, turbo-machinery, fluid dynamics, high-speed motorhead testing…and much more. Download the Sensorade micro differential pressure sensor data-sheet here

Sensorade, Key Features:

  • Worlds smallest pressure sensor, (1.2mm diameter, flat version 1.25mm). Sensorade is the only manufacturer capable of producing sensors this small without compromising performance, accuracy and reliability.
  • Unique encapsulation process protects the sensor from humidity enabling it to perform in conductive and harsh environments, time and time again. Offering a reliable, precise, cost-effective pressure and temperature measurement solution.
  • Resistant to extreme environments, humidity and temperature resistant to 185°C
  • Ultra-high accuracy of ± 0.25% FS for absolute sensor
  • Ultra-high accuracy of ± 0.2% FS for differential sensor
  • Pressure and temperature measurement within the same sensor. Unique temperature compensation strategy with additional calibration curves. Accuracy of ± 1°C across the range.
  • Class-leading natural resonance frequency of over 1 MHz for the absolute sensor, likely the highest value on the market.
  • Fast turnaround capability with bespoke configuration and calibration options available. 

Sensorade microsystems have been extensively tested in Formula One. Working in close collaboration with Texys® enabled us to push the boundaries of our sensing capabilities. Development in the field led to a new unique encapsulation process with minimal effect on accuracy. Creating a stronger, smarter more accurate sensor with the ability to withstand the world’s most punishing environments. CHECK THE DATA-SHEET HERE

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