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World leaders in sensor technology, an unrivalled range of inertial, force, temperature and aerodynamics sensors.

Texense Sensors, Texys UK, Official Distributors

Texense sensors are a world renowned designer and manufacturer of ultra tough and reliable sensor solutions. Our partners Texys UK are the official UK distributors of these high accuracy sensors.

Texense is a market-leading designer and manufacturer of compact, lightweight and robust embedded sensor and measurement solutions to the Motorsport, Aeronautical, Automotive R&D, Marine, Defence and sports markets.

With Formula 1 as its proving ground for over 20+ years, the world’s most innovative and ground-breaking technology has been developed and applied across its sensor ranges which are supplied in to F1, NASCAR, Formula-E, MotoGP, Le Mans, Superbikes, WRC, WTCR, WEC, IndyCar, America’s Cup, and all the way to club sports markets. There is a sensor package to fit all budgets.

Texense Sensors are hand-built by master technicians to strict tolerances for accuracy and repeatability. The casings are machined and anodised for optimum durability, with each sensor being 100% inspected for a guaranteed stamp of Texense approval.

Our years of experience enable us to create an unparalleled range of sensors to solve the data acquisition, environment and budgetary requirements for your program.

Temperature – Texense Sensors

Texense has designed and manufactured state of the art temperature sensors for over 30 years. Forging a path to being market leaders within the industry. Including state of the art non-contact infrared sensors, thermocouple amplifiers and fluid temperature sensors.

With an extensive infrared range to cover any type of non-contact surface temperature measurement. Covering everything from tyre & brake disc temperature measurement to more specialist and bespoke products for measuring different target emissivities such as road surface temperature. The range includes both single, multi-channel, wireless, Bluetooth and an advanced thermal camera system (click for more info).
Alongside the extensive infrared range, Texense Sensors also provides a multitude of thermocouple amplifiers, including single, multi-channel and wireless options. Furthermore, an extensive range of fluid temperature sensors to suit many applications.
Texense also offers a range of fibre optic sensors that are ideal for measuring battery cells and electric motors, they are immune to EMI and can withstand very high temperatures. The fibres are manufactured to the client’s bespoke requirements, details like the length and bend radius are accounted for when calibrating the sensor, which makes them one of the most accurate on the market. The fibre optic sensor features a response time of <5ms, which is ideal for measuring high-speed electric motor temperatures.

Texense prides itself on its world-leading accuracy and reliability, renowned for providing products that always inspire total confidence and trust.

  • Infrared tyre temperature sensors, including single and multi-channel solutions
  • Infrared Brake Temperature Sensors, high accuracy, ultra tough and reliable
  • Specialist Infrared Sensors, including fast response fibre optic solutions for harsh environments and specialist sensors for low emissivity targets
  • Vast range of thermocouple amplifiers, from single up to 8 channels. Ultra reliable, high accuracy solutions including wireless options
  • Extensive range of fluid temperature sensors manufactured from CNC machined stainless steel, with multiple sizing and configurations options. Platinum temperature also available
  • Specialist brake caliper temperature sensors. M4 thread kits to suit major manufactures such as AP, Brembo and PFC

Force Measurement – Texense Sensors

Understanding the effects forces is an area where the correct use of sensors brings valuable gains. Texense Sensors have a vast understanding of complex materials and strain gauging key components.

Texense has significant expertise in this area, having 20 years of experience working with strain gauging different materials such as steel, carbon fibre, aluminium and titanium used for pushrods, driveshafts, input shafts, strut tops and forks.

This experience was truly put to the test with the Porsche 919 tribute project. Texense worked closely with Porsche engineers helping bring the project to life. Strain gauging a multitude of components all crucial for the incredible 5:19 Nürburgring lap.

The Texense strain gauge installation relies on its proprietary XN4 digitally controlled intelligent amplifier and its sequential thermal compensation/calibration cycle process. It’s unique and aims to minimise the demands placed on track and performance engineers.

The system also provides Motorsport teams a clear method to interrogate gauged parts and identify any potential accident or over-load events by storing and displaying any offset shift, which is read through a supplied Texense switch-box or via a simple Hyper Terminal connection.

As a growing business, Texense Sensors has extended its facilities, doubled its capacity and invested in the very latest Instron tension/compression calibration equipment. The new machinery allows Texense to pre-load automated test programmes, which improves workflow, while also offering a higher accuracy of ± 0.5 per cent. Together these improvements have enabled Texense to streamline its strain gauge installations and provide its clients with a quicker turnaround – vital for Motorsport teams rushing to be ready for a race weekend.

TPMS – Texense Sensors

Texense Sensors offers this advanced TPMS with two sensor packages, creating different levels of data and performance to suit any requirement. Furthermore, 2022 has seen the introduction of a new corner recognition system.

Our Texense baseline sensor is the TPMS-RS21. Features include high-speed pressure, internal temperature and new for 2021, relative humidity measurement and user-replaceable battery. For a budget TPMS sensor, the ability to measure relative humidity is a real step forward, the replaceable battery also reduces unnecessary scrapping of wheel sensors after 1 or 2 race seasons which sets us apart from the competition.

Our flagship sensor, the TPMS-IR21 boasts five key areas for tyre analysis. High-speed pressure, rim temperature via contact patch, internal temperature, relative humidity and inner liner temperature measurements. Carcass temperature is measured with a customizable 5 channel infrared system with 14 point calibrated array. Any 5 of those 14 points can be selected using the handheld receiver. The rim temperature feature is also unique as it provides a true rim temperature measurement via contact patch, so not just the sensors internal temperature like most available systems. A sensor with this many parameters and the accuracy of data that can be acquired is class-leading. It’s going to give engineers a big step forward in cold pressure calculations.

It’s all very well having two TPMS sensors that provide some of the most accurate data available, it’s how consistently you can deliver it that counts.

Texense TPMS offers two types of receiver, standard and corner recognition. Both systems rely on our award-winning wireless technology and output via CAN. For the standard option, we recommend two receivers per car and we have two antenna options for cockpit, tub, roof or bonnet installations.

New for 2022, Texense has introduced a corner recognition system. One receiver is required per corner. The intelligent system rapidly interrogates the sensor’s ID and allocates the wheel to the correct corner, front left, rear right for example. The system has rapidly gained popularity on the GT and WEC circuit due to its reliability and accuracy, the perfect solution for any fast-paced garage situation with multiple wheels. Each receiver has a unique car ID ensuring other cars or teams can’t read the data.

Finally, Texense complete the TPMS with our handheld remote control. Our team invested a vast amount of time getting the design and configuration just right. The ergonomic device has been praised by engineers and trackside technical staff as it’s designed to be used when wearing gloves. It works via a three-page system, broadcast mode, data mode and setup mode with a simple selection system that just makes sense. The handheld device enables easy configuration and monitoring of all parameters and sensors with a full-colour TFT touch screen.

  • Bullet proof installation (wireless device developed over the years)
  • High level of coverage (>97 % average per lap in FIA F2 & F3)
  • Two versions of receiver : Standard or with Corner Recognition feature.
  • Two versions of sensors : basic measurements or development oriented.
  • Replaceable battery (new feature from 2021 onwards)
  • Easy installation : no additional loom required, plug & play on CAN bus.

Aerodynamics – Texense Sensors

Texense aerodynamics sensors have a true pedigree and have won countless championship titles. Multi-channel & wireless aero pressure sensors, pitot sensors & YAW pitot sensors….accurate, strong, steady & stable, winning solutions from Texense Sensors.

Texense always strives to develop exceptional products through a continual process of optimization and refinement. The range starts with a single channel miniature differential pressure sensor, like all Texense Sensors its small size allows it to be easily integrated into many systems. We then move towards our highly accurate multi-channel variants, these include 4, 8, 16 and 32 channel options, again all with market-leading accuracy and reliability. The flagship sensor is our MPS pressure scanner. It offers exceptional accuracy with an ultra-fast sampling frequency. Developed specifically for pressure tap scenarios and perfect for measuring dynamic surface flow. It offers exceptionally low noise and stable output with first-class temperature compensation.

Texense also provides a range of class-leading Pitot sensors, including a YAW Pitot sensor. With exceptional accuracy of ± 1% FS, the sensor can measure static atmospheric pressure, airspeed, YAW angle and board temperature all combined in a single lightweight housing. It outputs to any generic CAN system and is the perfect sensor to combine with our strain gauge bonding for aerodynamic load measurements.

With the current pace of advancements in science, engineering and technology the value of micro sensing technology has never been so important. Developing products that better integrate within structures with less flow disruption during testing, offer higher accuracy and reliability is every manufacturer’s primary mission. This is why we have partnered with Sensorade, they are experts in bespoke micro sensing technology, designing and manufacturing the world’s smallest absolute pressure sensors. For more details on Sensorade please click here.

Inertial – Texense Sensors

Texense Sensors inertial range includes everything from basic single-axis accelerometers through to advanced gyroscopes and IMU’s. All are highly accurate in a lightweight package with user-definable ranges and bespoke options available. 

The Texense range of inertial sensors includes accelerometers, gyroscopes, lean angle sensors, inertial boxes and advanced IMU’s. The world-renowned accuracy and reliability of its products continue to help propel F1 cars to victory year upon year. Vital in gaining those extra milliseconds on track and essential for the set-up of critical components.

Texense inertial sensors are not just developed for Motorsport, although it’s the ultimate proving ground for its groundbreaking products. Autonomous vehicles require automatic braking and acceleration systems. A precise and accurate inertial sensor package is essential for both safety and comfort. Texense inertial sensors are not only trusted by the worlds leading Motorsport teams but have also taken the journey into space….trusted and relied upon during multiple missions.

  • Capacitive accelerometers from 1 to 3 axis, available in a wide range of specifications
  • Gas accelerometers from 1 to 3 axis, ideally suited for chassis development and modular in design
  • Single and 3 axis MEMS gyroscopes, ultra-reliable and accurate with user definable ranges
  • Extensive range of inertial boxes, including 4 and 6 axis. Giving customers the option of combining accelerometers and gyro’s all in a single compact package
  • Lean angle sensors combining gas accelerometers and gyroscope, to accurately determine lean angle on motorcycles
  • Specialist IMU’s and gyroscopes with advanced filtering and with customer specific bespoke configurations available

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