LevelLite Liquid Level Sensors Worldwide Distributors

Mar 7, 2024 | 0 comments

LevelLite Liquid Level Sensors – Renvale, official ‘Motorsport Specialist’ distributors of the range of fluid level sensors.

Renvale are proud to announce a new partnership with Gill Sensors & Controls. For over a decade Gill have been the market leader in liquid level sensing technology. By combining sensors to our range of services enables us to provide a complete electrical system from ECU to wiring loom to sensors, ensuring the system works in perfect harmony and is supplied to the client ready to plug-and-play.

LevelLite liquid level sensors are a championship-winning capacitive level sensor for applications that value lightweight components, measurement accuracy, high-quality durable construction and design flexibility. Whether you’re looking for every tenth of a second on the track or need to maximize the range of your UAV, this sensor is designed to be the best in class solution. 

With a rich set of features, this highly configurable sensor is trusted by motorsport teams and UAV manufacturers across the world.

Lightweight & Robust – Constructed from high quality 6082 aluminium, LevelLite liquid level sensors offer maximum robustness whilst maintaining a lightweight package that minimises the impact on power/weight ratio. 

Accurate – Sub-millimetre precision liquid level measurement delivered by encapsulated electronics for total accuracy and reliability. Fuel or coolant use can be optimised with total confidence for faster laps or extended aerial range. 

Quality – Rigorously tested during development and produced to strict quality standards to provide long endurance in arduous conditions – fit and forget! 

Flexible – With 13 000 possible configurations, LevelLite has standard options to meet any tank configuration or fitting design challenge. 

Fast Delivery Despite many possible configurations LevelLite has short lead times. Custom manufactured in as little as two weeks.

LevelLite Installation Flexibility

LevelLite is a 2 piece solution, meaning the mounting adaptor and sensor are two separate parts. Gill offer 5 different options for flange or thread mounting. We also make the design details available so that customers can design their own adaptors to suit their application.

LevelLite Precise Measurement

LevelLite not only combines light weight with robustness for extreme applications, it is also available in lengths specified to the millimetre. Having the ability to measure down to that last drop delivers confidence in the speed and range a vehicle can safely operate within.


LevelLite, Key Features:

LevelLite has proven performance in both motorsport and aerial applications due to its industry leading features;

  • Lightweight to maximise speed, payload and range
  • High measurement accuracy for reliable fuel and distance optimisation with total confidence
  • Construction quality – robust aluminium construction with encapsulated electronics for lasting performance
  • Flexibility – over 13,000 mounting and configuration options allow accuracy down to a single millimetre
  • Compatibility – accurate measurement of fluids including fuels, coolants and oils 

LevelLite liquid level sensors use industry standard communications protocols with the ability to set custom ranges where required. The unit provides a primary output and a choice of secondary outputs. The primary level output has a maximum range of 0.25V to 10V, though it is normally configured for 0.25 to 4.75V operation. There are two choices of secondary output. The standard version has an open collector switch to drive a reserve level LED or ancillary system (see our website for suggestions on how best to use an open collector switch). As an optional extra, LevelLite can be configured with a secondary analogue output to provide temperature data from -40°C to +125°C. Mounted in the tip of the probe, the temperature sensor gives continuous liquid temperature data from inside the tank. 

For more information on the LevelLite, please contact us at: enquiries@renvale.com