Ascher Racing F64 USB V3 Wired Sim Wheel

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Introducing the Ascher Racing F64 USB V3 Wired SIM Wheel: meticulously crafted and precision engineered, for fierce SIM racers.

Setting a new benchmark in direct drive sim racing wheels, this wheel isn’t just a tool, it’s an extension of your racing spirit.


The Ascher Racing F64 USB V3 Wired Sim Wheel – impeccable ergonomic design and extensive customisation options, it empowers you to tailor every aspect to your preferences, ensuring an unparalleled level of control and immersion on the track. Say goodbye to compromises and embrace precision and performance.

With its closed-rim design and tactile rubberized grips, you can navigate the track with absolute assurance and finesse. Meanwhile, the CNC-machined, anodized aluminium chassis and components ensure complete rigidity, eliminating any hint of twist or flex during intense racing.

The Ascher Racing F64 USB V3 Wired SIM wheel sets the gold standard for customizable functionality. Boasting 64 programmable inputs distributed among buttons, dials, and switches, it grants you full control over every aspect of your preferred racing simulation.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the wheel’s face features brushed aluminium for a flawless finish, while each component meets stringent quality standards. Responsive buttons offer clear feedback with distinct click points, complemented by safeguarded buttons to prevent accidental activation of features like the pit limiter. Additionally, four standard dual-function rotary encoders and two rotary multifunction switches enhance customization possibilities. Strategically positioned seven-way joysticks ensure optimal thumb control.

The shifter paddles, bead-blasted for durability, deliver a satisfying snap action. The inclusion of replacement magnets and spacers allows adjustment of actuation force from 260g to 800g, catering to individual preferences. Spring-loaded dual-clutch paddles enable personalized two-step bite-point calibration and can be programmed as throttle and brake hand controls.

Featuring a standard 6-bolt, 70mm thread pattern compatible with Simucube/ MiGE direct drive base units and major quick-release systems, the F64-USB offers versatile mounting options. An optional adapter facilitates connection to a Simucube 2 SQR plate. The coiled USB cable ensures a stable connection to your PC, while the automotive-grade M16 connector on the wheel, secured with a metal collar, guarantees a secure link.

Included in the package are two sets of high-quality decals for labelling inputs: 25 button options in both black and white finishes and 12 rotary encoder stickers in six different colours, including blanks for creating custom labels.

Ascher Racing F64 SC V3 Wireless Sim Wheel Specs

Additional features of the SC version

  • Average battery runtime: 800h (rechargeable)
  • rechargeable via USB-C (approx. 6h)
  • 2 modes of the top two encoders, adjustable by switches on the back (push btn / shift)
  • push btn. = regular encoder incl. push button
  • shift = double encoder (normal turn / push and turn)
  • e.g. normal turning = encoder 1 = TC
  • e.g. push & turn = Encoder 2 = ABS
  • 2 modes of 12-position rotary switches, (12-pos. / shift)
  • 12-pos. = regular mode, each position gives a signal shift = shift function of the thumb encoder
  • e.g. 12-position rotary on position 1 = thumb encoder output 1 (e.g. TC)
  • e.g. 12-position rotary on position 2 = thumb encoder output 2 (e.g. ABS)
  • e.g. 12-position rotary on position 3 = thumb encoder output 3 (e.g. volume)
  • e.g. 12-position rotary on position 2 = thumb encoder output 2 (e.g. ABS)
  • e.g. 12-position rotary on position 3 = thumb encoder output 3 (e.g. volume)

64 Inputs

  • 14 x push buttons with positive tactile feeling
  • 2 x protective button guards
  • 2 x multifunctional 7-way joysticks (4 directions / rotate clock- anticlockwise/ push button)
  • 2 x encoders inc. push-button functionality, aluminium knob2 x thumb encoders
  • 2 x 12-position rotary switches, aluminium knob
  • 2 x paddle shifters
  • 2 x clutch paddles with electronic bite-point calibration

General information

  • 285 mm wheel diameter
  • 6 x 70 mm bolt pattern
  • robust, shielded coiled cable with industrial Binder M16 connector
  • coiled cable connector length approx. 64mm
  • spacer may be required to create sufficient clearance to the wheelbase
  • M5 x 12 mm stainless screws to mount QR included
  • Quick Release not included
  • to mount M5 threaded QRs, use captive screws
  • mass: 1140 g

High-quality finish

  • Maximum grip level from closed, ergonomic rubber grips
  • machined out of automotive aluminium
  • black anodized and laser-engraved
  • brushed front plate surface finish
  • glass bed blasted paddle surface finish

Contactless clutch paddles

  • CNC machined and anodized out of automotive aluminium
  • contactless hall sensor
  • smooth operation for maximum control

Magnetic paddle shifters

  • CNC machined and anodized out of automotive aluminium
  • strong snap-action force
  • alternative magnets to reduce force included
  • reliable automotive switches

Button labels

  • 50 pcs button labels each black and white
  • 72 pcs encoder labels (blue, green, red, black, yellow, white)
  • labels for various common steering wheel inputs

Electronic bite point calibration

  • precise adjustments in 1.0 % and 0.1 %
  • 1. push both joystick buttons for 1s to access bite-point mode
  • 2. LED lights up to indicate calibration mode
  • 3. rotate the left joystick for 1.0 % increments / right joystick for 0.1 % increments (LED flashes to indicate changes)
  • 4. exit calibration mode by pushing both joysticks again for 1s

Recommended procedure for finding the best setting:

  • 1. enter calibration mode and set bite-point to high value, e.g. 80 %
  • 2. pull the slave clutch only
  • 3. apply throttle
  • 4. reduce bite-point in 1.0 % increments (left joystick) until the vehicle starts moving
  • 5. make test starts to fine-tune the desired bite-point setting
  • 6. exit bite-point calibration mode

Recommended procedure for quick race starts

  • 1. pull both master and slave clutch
  • 2. apply throttle
  • 3. race start -> let master clutch snap
  • 4. it will take less than 20 ms to reach the desired bite point
  • 5. slowly release the slave clutch

Ascher Racing F64 SC V3 new features

  • Compared to its previous V1 model, the F64-USB V3 features new 12-position switches which provide improved feedback, a closed shape and motorsport rubber grips
  • Improved grip ergonomics including slightly larger diameter, thinner lower section, and different top shape to push the top button
  • Rubber grips: are not showing any tear
  • offers much more grip
  • perfect hardness (not too soft, not too hard) for much easier endurance racing without getting exhausted
  • can be used without using gloves (also with sweaty hands)
  • better hygienics
  • new 12-position rotary knob
  • better usability in “encoder mode” (rotational symmetry)
  • much better feedback

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Ascher Racing F64 V3 – your ticket to a new level of racing excitement! Packed with a dynamic 7-way joystick, 14 responsive push buttons & slick thumb encoders

Check out the latest enhancements in our F64 V3 we’ve fine-tuned the input options to perfection. Experience precision with two 7-way joysticks. What’s new? We’ve integrated radially mounted thumb encoders on the sides, delivering exceptional feedback with every motion. Get ready for a whole new level of control!

Close up shot of the black anodized Ascher Racing F64 V3 sim steering wheel, showing the coloured buttons and dials. Photo on a white background
The Ascher Racing F64 V3 Sim wheel diagram showing all the accessories it can be configured with. The wheel is black with brightly coloured switches, the other items are black boxes. There is a red circular arrow in the middle of the diagram to try and show the compatibility.

Revolutionize SIM setup with the Ascher Racing F64 V3 steering wheel! It’s not just any wheel – it’s a game-changer with its versatility in wheelbase compatibility.

Compatible with the following wheelbases – SC (WIRELESS) Simucube 2. USB VRS Direct Force, Fanatec Podium Hub, Simagic, Accuforce, Leo Bodnar, OSW (Argon), Simucube 2 and 1.

The heart of the Ascher Racing F64 V3 steering wheel beats with precision and strength. Crafted from a high-strength aircraft aluminium alloy.

Every inch of its clutch paddles and magnetic shifters is meticulously machined to deliver unrivalled performance. The resistance of the paddles can be adjusted using the supplied magnets. With the clutches, you can use the precise bite-point calibration to individually adjust the pressure point for perfect acceleration. Get ready to feel the Ascher Racing F64 wheels power in your hands!

Back of a sim racing steering wheel showing clutch paddles and magnetic shifters. The wheel is black with rubber handle, photographed on a white background
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