Ascher Racing McLaren Artura Sport Sim Wheel

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Elevate your sim racing journey to new heights with the Ascher Racing McLaren Artura Sport SIM Wheel – USB option coming soon! 

This extraordinary innovation transcends boundaries, seamlessly merging the realms of real and virtual racing, delivering unmatched authenticity and performance. Crafted in partnership with Renvale for the global sports car market, it’s a game-changer you won’t want to miss.

Experience the thrill of the track like never before with the Ascher Racing McLaren Artura Sport SIM Wheel

An electrifying partnership between Ascher Racing and the legendary McLaren. This isn’t just inspired by McLaren; it’s the real deal, officially licensed and meticulously crafted in collaboration with the iconic automaker. Modelled after the McLaren Artura GT4’s steering wheel, every detail is engineered for authenticity, bringing the exhilaration of real racing right to your fingertips.

Experience the pinnacle of responsiveness with the Simucube 2 Wireless Wheel System™, ensuring lightning-fast setup and millisecond-range response times. Say goodbye to lag during intense races and hello to seamless precision. Fine-tune your wheel effortlessly with SimHub, tailoring every detail to your liking.

Precision redefined: Ascher Racing McLaren Artura Sport SIM Wheel wheel boasts next-level Gen 6 magnetic and silenced paddles, delivering unparalleled feedback precision. With damped rubber stops and pre-loaded ball bearings, play is eliminated, while premium contactless hall effect switches ensure unwavering reliability.

Crafted to perfection: Meticulously machined from automotive-grade aluminium, the Artura Sport-SC’s body is black anodised and laser engraved for a stunning, durable finish. Its closed design isn’t just ergonomic—it’s comfortable for extended gaming sessions. Sweat-proof, rubberised handles guarantee a secure grip.

Customise your control: With 30 programmable inputs, including 14 buttons and dual multifunctional seven-way joysticks, total control is in your hands. High-quality RGB-illuminated automotive push buttons offer tactile feedback and individual customization. Laser-labeled custom caps with standard motorsport icons make personalization a breeze.
Seize the opportunity to elevate your sim racing journey with the Ascher Racing McLaren Artura Sport SIM Wheel wheel. Don’t wait and order yours now and take your virtual racing to new heights!

Ascher Racing McLaren Artura Sport Sim Wheel Differences SC / USB

RGB lighting

  • USB: Animated, telemetry-based lighting adjustable
  • SC: Static lighting, luminosity & colour profiles adjustable on the steering wheel

Freely configurable button mapping

  • USB: Freely configurable button mapping (e.g. to enable barrier-free switching to other steering wheels) & modification of all thumb encoders and rotaries possible
  • SC:-

Encoder pulse width adjustable

  • USB: Encoder pulse width adjustable (defines how long the button is triggered per click)
  • SC:-

Power supply

  • USB: USB, no power injection required
  • SC: Rechargeable 1200mAh lithium battery

Power consumption/battery life

  • USB: Low power consumption of only max. 500mA according to USB specification, does not require an additional power source when used with Asetek QR
  • SC: Up to 30h (lighting on) & up to 800h (lighting off)

Steering wheel compatibility

  • USB: Fanatec, Asetek, Simagic, OSW, and many more
  • SC: SC2 Sport, SC2 Pro, SC2 Ultimate


  • USB: Wired (USB)
  • SC: Wireless (SC-Wireless)

McLaren Artura Sport Esports steering wheel technical data 

  • Based on the original McLaren Artura GT4 steering wheel
  • Uses identical components of the real racing steering wheel
  • Functionality optimized for esports
  • Maximum grip thanks to ergonomically improved rubber grips and 300mm steering wheel diameter like in a real racing car

SIMUCUBE wireless wheel™

  • Wireless connection to SC2 wheelbases
  • Low latency
  • Average battery life: 800h (rechargeable)
  • Average battery life with lighting on: up to 30h
  • Easy charging: USB-C port on the back (approx. 6h charging time)
  • Input via Simucube – no additional Windows controller required
  • Hot swapping of multiple steering wheels in the game is possible without reconfiguration
  • Maximum signal strength through external short antenna

30 Inputs

  • 14 x RGB illuminated push buttons (16 million colours); individually customizable colouring and tactile feedback
  • 2 x multifunctional 7-way joysticks (4 directions/rotation clockwise or counterclockwise / push button)
  • 2 x Gen6 Motorsport Double magnetic shift paddles
  • Upgradeable features (double magnetic shift paddles, clutch paddles)

High quality

  • CNC machined from automotive aluminium
  • Black anodized and laser-engraved
  • Brushed finish on the front
  • Paddle surface blasted with glass beads

GEN6 Double magnetic paddle shifters

  • Completely newly developed magnetic shift rockers for motorsport applications
  • CNC machined and anodized from automotive aluminum
  • Proven strong snapping force
  • Soundproofed by rubber stops at both ends with unlimited precision thanks to small tolerances
  • No play thanks to preloaded ball bearings
  • Marginal hysteresis for trouble-free and precise switching processes
  • Thanks to the long-lasting Hall sensor, no switches are installed
  • Unlimited component replacement thanks to identical shifter mounting points

Laser marked buttons

  • Laser-marked button caps available with the most common symbols
  • Easily replaceable thanks to the two-piece design, there is no need to open the steering wheel
  • Additional sticker set available for various other inputs

General information

  • 300mm diameter
  • 6 x 70mm bolt circle
  • Robust, shielded spiral cable with industrial binder M16 connector (USB models only)
  • Spiral cable length approx. 64mm (USB models only)
  • A spacer may be required to create enough clearance from the wheelbase
  • Quick release not included unless selected
  • Mass: 1300g

Scope of delivery

  • Ascher Racing McLaren Artura Sport SimRacing steering wheel
  • Ascher Racing McLaren Sticker Set
  • M5 x 12mm stainless steel screws to mount QR

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RGB illuminated, brilliant quality Motorsport buttons with individual colour adjustability, combined with phenomenal driver feedback.

Prepare for the ultimate racing immersion with unparalleled control. Select from a palette of 16 million colours and harness the power of telemetry-based lighting for a breathtaking experience with the Ascher Racing Artura Sport.

Ascher Racing Artura Sport Sim wheel. Cropped photo showing a blue dial and brightly coloured backlit buttons. It is a black steering wheel showing Telemetry-based lighting
Ascher Racing Artura Sport cropped photo on white background showing brightly coloured buttons

No more stickers! Experience hassle-free customization with easily interchangeable button caps & laser-marked  symbols for effortless personalization.

The Ascher Racing Artura Sport stickers offer great quality with customizable colours, providing the ultimate in driver feedback.

The Ascher Artura Sport utilizes McLaren approved, silenced single or double magnetic shifters and clutch paddles.

The Artura Sport wheel is enhanced with our latest magnetic shift paddles, offering improved tactile response and noise reduction. Craft your ideal SIM wheel companion for success with the option of single or double magnetic shift paddles and customizable clutch paddles, all upgradeable to suit your preferences.

Ascher Racing Mclaren Artura Sport wheel photographed from the rear showing the intricate black shifter. white background
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