Ascher Racing B16M USB Button Box Steering Wheel Plate

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Prepare to take your SIM racing setup to the next level with the Ascher Racing B16M USB Button Box.

Experience the convenience and flexibility you’ve been craving in your setup, allowing you to seamlessly integrate the Ascher Racing B16M USB Button Box with your preferred racing wheel. Say goodbye to compatibility concerns and hello to endless possibilities on the track.

This versatile accessory offers the freedom to pair it with your favourite racing wheel, thanks to its standard bolt pattern. Plus, it’s compatible with a wide range of real-world motorsport wheels, including those with larger spoke profiles.

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Get ready to revolutionise your racing setup with the Ascher Racing B16M USB Button Box. Say goodbye to connectivity worries – this button box offers the peace of mind of a hard-wired, indestructible connection, thanks to its wired USB connectivity. Plug it directly into your PC via a heavy-duty coiled cable and hit the SIM with confidence.

Crafted with precision, the B16M-USB features a CNC-machined, anodized aluminium chassis and components, ensuring unrivalled durability and stability. Experience zero twist or flex, guaranteeing optimal performance every time you race.

Feel the power in your hands with full-height, GT-style shifter paddles boasting a strong snap action. Customize your experience with replacement magnets and spacers included in the box, allowing you to adjust the actuation force from 260g up to 800g to suit your preferences.
Compatibility is a breeze with the B16M-USB, featuring a standard 6-bolt, 70mm thread pattern on the rear. It seamlessly integrates with Simucube/MiGE direct drive bases and major quick-release systems, offering versatility and convenience.

Never second-guess your inputs again – the B16M-USB comes with two sets of high-quality decals for labelling your buttons and encoders. With 25 button options available in both black and white finishes, along with 12 rotary dial stickers in six different colours (including blanks for customization), you’ll always know exactly what each input does. Elevate your racing experience with the Ascher Racing B16M USB Button Box.

Ascher Racing B16M USB Button Box Steering Wheel Plate


  • High-quality finish CNC machined from automotive aluminium
  • Black anodized and laser engraved
  • Brushed front plate surface
  • Bead-blasted paddle surface finish
  • 16 programmable inputs
  • 6 push buttons with positive tactile feeling (2 with protective button guards)
  • Dual multifunction dials
  • Customisable magnetic shifter paddles
  • General Information
  • Weight 700g
  • 6 x 70mm bolt pattern


  • Robust, shielded coiled USB cable with industrial Binder M16 connector (connector length approximately 65mm)
  • 50 button labels (25 each black and white)
  • 72 encoder labels (12 in six colours)
  • M5 x 40 mm screws, nuts and washers to mount the Buchfink Q1R quick release kit included


  • Compatible racing wheels can be mounted using the included screws
  • To mount a quick release system that uses threaded M5-pattern holes, use captive screw (available separately from Ascher Racing)


  • MOMO
  • Mod69
  • Mod78
  • Montecarlo
  • MPI
  • MPI Mazda
  • MPI-F13-GT
  • OMP
  • 320S
  • Racing GP
  • Targa
  • Trecento
  • L360
  • R323
  • R383
  • Ring

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The Ascher B16M shift paddles aren’t just any ordinary feature; they’re battle-tested in the world of Motorsport.

The Ascher B16M USB button plate features shift paddles directly mounted on it, from real motorsport applications. Crafted from aluminium and precision milled, these paddles offer flexibility as their positioning can be easily adjusted. Moreover, users can fine-tune the paddle resistance using various spacers and magnets included in the package.

Ascher Racing B16 Crafted from aluminium. Shot from behind it is black at a slight angle showing the paddle shifters on a white background
Diagram showing black sim racing products. There is a black wheel with coloured buttons with 3 other black products next to it. There is also a red circular arrow in the middle of the picture

Get ready to pair up the B16M with a variety of wheelbases! It’s super compatible, ensuring you can seamlessly integrate it with a diverse range of setups.

The Ascher Racing B16M USB button plate opens doors to compatibility with a range of wheel bases. By utilizing different holes on the aluminium steering wheel plate, you can seamlessly mount various quick-release adapters (“snap-off” hubs) with a 6 x 70 mm bolt circle. This means you can effortlessly connect your B16M to popular wheel bases such as Simucube 2 and 1, Accuforce, Leo Bodnar, OSW (argon), Simagic, VRS Direct Force, and the Fanatec Podium Hub.

Enhance your pace with the Ascher B16M!

Diagram of 5 motorsport steering wheels. They are black against a white background
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