Certified ISO 14001-2015 Environmental Standard, Another Landmark In Renvale History

by | Feb 17, 2023 | Harnesses

Certified ISO 14001 it’s all about doing our bit to help our amazing Mother Earth right(!!), so Renvale is ecstatic to announce yet another, incredibly relevant milestone in our company’s history.

After flying through our initial stage one audit with zero non-conformances detected in late 2022, Renvale has finally passed its stage 2 audit and has been formally awarded certification for the Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001-2015.

From our commitment to designing and building our HQ with efficiency in mind, to powering it with 100% renewable energy, and to making continual improvements to the way we do business which further minimises our impact on our planet we could not be prouder than we are today!

Our hands-on management team is hugely motivated about this initiative, and cannot express enough gratitude to the team for the hard work and determination in achieving this key milestone. Once again, the passion and commitment of the team shine through and is inspirational.

Introducing Liam, one of our dedicated harness technicians. He's holding our ISO 14001 certificate against a forest  feature wall at our facility. It perfectly represents our values
Light bulb photographed with white background with tiny tree inside. Renvale is powered by 100 % green energy, essential for our ISO 14001 environmental standard

Renvale can now guarantee that not only does it have a robust Business Management System established and governed by ISO 9001 certification but the environmental standard ISO 14001 too.

Our clients and prospective customers can lie safe in the knowledge that Renvale is a rock-solid, environmentally friendly organisation to do business with ISO 14001 certification, all achieved through outstanding teamwork.

Alongside firmly maintaining ISO 9001 certification and gaining our new environmental standard ISO 14001. Renvale has been further endorsed with Cyber Essentials Plus re-certification. It’s exceptionally difficult to achieve and must be evaluated every year, due to cyber threats becoming more advanced

Every aspect of our digital world is protected against all forms of cyber-attack. Awarding our valued clients a clear picture of Renvale’s commitment to keeping customers’ valuable data secure at all costs. So having the top industry standard in cyber security is paramount.

With Renvale’s clear commitment to maintaining fundamental industry standards, ISO 19001, ISO 14001, and Cyber Essentials Plus you can rest assured your business is in safe hands! 🙏 🤗 🌎 💻.

Our ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certificate photographed on a dark table with on of our many awards in the background
Wind farm turbines green energy Eye Suffolk