Ascher McLaren Artura Pro Review – Amazing Motorsport Technology Ascher mclaren artura pro Sim wheel sitting on a race track which is dark grey with blue sky in background and white clouds. The steering wheel is black with lots of brightly coloured dials, buttons and lights. There is a white McLaren logo in the centre of the wheel

Ascher McLaren Artura Pro Review – Amazing Motorsport Technology

Apr 26, 2024 | 0 comments

The story of the Ascher McLaren Artura Pro Sim racing wheel is a fascinating tale of merging virtual racing with reality.

Renvale realised how close the gap has become between SIM and real-world racing, so we decided to take a bold step and bridge that divide. We called upon the expertise of Martin Ascher from Ascher Racing, the renowned SIM enduro racer and creative genius.

With their proven hardware solutions, advanced grip technology, and precision gear shift paddles, Ascher Racing was the perfect partner for the project. Our goal at Renvale was ambitious: to blend high-performance virtual Motorsport parts with the intricate technology of real-world Motorsport.

Creating a sim wheel that typically communicates through Bluetooth or USB and transforming it into a custom CAN-based electronics package for integration into real-world Motorsport was no small feat. It required developing a CAN module capable of interfacing with various Motorsport control units, ensuring full functionality of Ascher Racing’s existing sim hardware.

After extensive work and expertise, the Renvale R102S steering wheel was born. It received rave reviews from drivers and engineers alike. What makes the Ascher McLaren range of steering wheels truly remarkable is their use in real-world Motorsport applications. The only difference lies in the CAN-based electronics package designed for integration with a real race car.

So when you invest in an Ascher Racing Artura Pro SIM wheel, you’re not just getting a piece of cutting-edge SIM racing technology; you’re also tapping into the rich heritage of real Motorsport. It’s a fusion of virtual excitement and real-world performance—a pretty cool combination!

3/4 full photo of the black renvale steering wheel. You can see the two black rubber handles and black body. Yo can also see all the coloured buttons and dials. It has a white renvale logo in the centre. It is photographed on a grey stainless steel background. The Renvale R102S steering wheel is used in real GT4 motorsport the only difference with the Ascher McLaren Artura Pro SIM wheel is the CAN electronics
A close up shot of the real mclaren gt4 steering wheel it's black showing its paddle shifter and rubber grip. There is also a gold connector on the back to connect to the car it is photographed on stainless steel background. The Ascher McLaren Artura Pro advanced grip technology, and precision gear shift paddles used in real world GT4 Motorsport

Ascher McLaren Artura Pro review from Motorsport award winners Renvale!

The Ascher McLaren Artura Pro version stands out as a top-tier SIM racing wheel, boasting a rich array of features. This wheel commands respect, not just for its Motorsport heritage and impeccable construction, but also for its versatility, catering to both high-end Esports competitors and passionate SIM racers alike. Working with the Artura Pro is a delight; you can dive straight into racing or delve into its extensive technical features and customisation options. 

Renvale firmly believes that the McLaren Artura series wheels are truly breathtaking, bridging the realms of real-world Motorsport and sim racing.

For those striving for full immersion in their sim racing setups, the McLaren Artura Pro offers the perfect foundation for creating an authentic GT4 cockpit feel.

The Artura Pro immediately captivates you with its vibrant LED display, showcasing a stunning spectrum of 16 million colours. The precision of the LEDs, coupled with the sleek button caps, creates a visually striking experience.

The Gen 6 paddles crafted by Ascher Racing represent a significant leap forward in design, boasting remarkable smoothness and predictability. Their refined action minimizes the chance of miss-shifts, providing a satisfying tactile response without any distracting clatter.

Inside the Artura Pro box, you’ll find everything required for easy installation.

Changing button caps may seem intricate at first, but with the provided tools and manual, it’s a straightforward process. As for installation, it’s as simple as expected, with the chassis featuring pre-drilled holes and a thoughtful design that accommodates various mounting options.

The rear of the Artura Pro reveals smart innovations, including a mounted USB-C socket for seamless connectivity with compatible QR hubs. The robust construction and generous cable length ensure hassle-free setup, even for elaborate cockpit configurations.

Ascher Racing provides comprehensive instructions for mounting QR hubs, showcasing a commitment to engineering excellence. From external bolt patterns to internal connections, the Artura Pro accommodates a wide range of wheelbase setups with ease.

Whether you prefer an aggressive experience or smooth endurance racing, the Ascher Racing Artura Pro adapts effortlessly to your driving style.

Its 300mm diameter strikes a perfect balance between responsiveness and stability, while the refined chassis delivers amazing force feedback that enhances immersion.

The wheel’s ergonomic design and grippy PVC/rubber grips ensure comfort during extended racing sessions, while the Gen 6 paddles offer a satisfyingly smooth and quiet operation. The uniform feel and soft end stop of the paddles contribute to a premium SIM racing experience.

Featuring Motorsport-grade components, the Artura Pro boasts 14 RGB-illuminated buttons, configurable to your preferences. The tactile sensation of the buttons and rotaries, coupled with the precision of the joystick controllers, enhances both functionality and immersion.

The Ascher McLaren Artura Pro offers extensive configuration options, allowing you to tailor the wheel to your exact specifications. From clutch bite point adjustments to encoder pulse width settings, the wheel’s onboard controls empower you to fine-tune your driving experience with ease.

Front shot of a black sim racing wheel with lots of brightly coloured dials and brightly lit coloured buttons. It is against a dark moody marble effect background. The Ascher McLaren Artura Pro boasts 14 RGB-illuminated buttons, configurable to your preferences
Rear photo of the back of a black sim racing wheel showing the black paddle shifters and all the silver screws. It is against a dark grey background. The Ascher McLaren Artura Pro chassis featuring pre-drilled holes and a thoughtful design with gen 6 paddles

Let’s review how the Ascher McLaren Artura Pro wheel performs on the virtual track. 

First off, the 300mm size mirrors that of the real McLaren Artura GT4 car and many other race cars, and it’s not just for show. It offers excellent handling and optimal control. What strikes you is how lightweight these wheels feel, enhancing precision and control over both the car and the simulation. The force feedback from the Simicube 2 Pro wheelbase is remarkably detailed, making the driving experience thoroughly enjoyable.

The grips on the wheel fit snugly in your hands, ensuring a seamless and comfortable drive. Button placement is spot-on, with everything within easy reach. Having two convenient switches on either side is perfect for quick adjustments or navigating menus without needing a mouse.

One standout feature of the Ascher Racing wheel is its paddle shifters, which are a joy to use. Shifting feels precise and solid, delivering a satisfying tactile experience with each gear change. The clutch paddles on the Artura Pro are equally impressive, offering smooth operation and easy adjustability to suit individual preferences.

In terms of immersion, these wheels truly evoke the feel of being in a real race car, which is incredibly cool considering they’re exact replicas of their real-life counterparts. While similar wheels often come with hefty price tags, the Artura Pro strikes a balance between authenticity and affordability, making it an attractive option for avid sim racers.

With well-thought-out features and top-notch components, the Artura Pro feels like a next-generation Ascher Racing product. Renvale recommends it to any Simicube wheelbase owner. For those using other wheelbases, keep an eye out for the USB version. 

The improved buttons and paddles make it a worthwhile upgrade, solidifying its status as a top-tier sim racing accessory.

The Ascher Racing McLaren Artura Pro USB wheel exemplifies unparalleled build quality and versatility. Whether you seek a plug-and-play racing experience or crave in-depth customisation, this wheel delivers on all fronts. 

Ascher Racing and Renvale are united by a shared vision: Racing in perfection – driven forward by integrating the best of both virtual and real-world Motorsport technologies.

Black simucube sim racing wheel base for the Ascher McLaren Artura Pro steering wheel. It is a large black box with rounded end to fit the steering wheel on. The backround is shiny black and showing a reflection of the white logo
McLaren Artura GT4 racing car. front on photo shot low down the car is orange blue and white. There is a black mclaren building in the background and orange flags. In terms of immersion, these Artura Pro wheels truly evoke the feel of being in a real McLaren GT4 car