Winners! MIA Business Excellence Awards

Mar 7, 2024 | 0 comments

The prestigious MIA Business Excellence Awards took place during Autosport week on the 9th January 2020. It played host to more than 500 guests, to recognise outstanding achievements within the motorsport industry.

The event which was sponsored by AP Racing kicked off with guest speaker and rugby legend Martin Bayfield. After some hilarious anecdotes by the charismatic guest, MIA CEO Chris Aylett took centre stage.

“It’s an honour and a privilege to represent so many World-class individuals and organisations. These awards mark the end of an incredible past decade. Advancements in technology have gained unprecedented momentum. With the move to hybridisation, low carbon alternative fuels and electrification, the face of motorsport is changing at a dramatic pace. This year’s finalists have impressed yet again, with their innovation and commitment to move into this new era of motorsport. The MIA would like to congratulate the entire motorsport community for their outstanding drive, passion and commitment to excellence”. MIA CEO Chris Aylett.

As the award ceremony gained momentum, nominations for the MIA Business Excellence Awards “business of the year” are announced. Renvale is placed alongside Nicholson McLaren Engines, Ycom and Zircotec, some serious competition. The announcement is finally made, and the winner is…Renvale! What a moment, a combination of shock and complete elation.

Senior Renvale management team with RBSL and Rheinmetall at the DSEI show
Anthony Moss, Renvale COO proudly displaying the signed contract from RBSL and Rheinmetall

The MIA Business Excellence Awards not only recognises our heritage but where we a placed today in this ever-changing world. Some of the greats associated with our products include Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. 1988, the year Ayrton Senna won the World title in one of the most successful and iconic cars of all time, the Mclaren MP4/4. Our wiring harnesses helped cement this car into the history books, with a winning percentage of 93.8% during the 1988 season. Incidentally, the only car to come close to this was in 2016 with the Mercedes F1 W07 Hybrid with a winning percentage 90.5%, we also designed and manufactured the wiring harness for this car!

Our wiring systems also helped power the 1994 Benetton B194 to victory and Michael Schumacher to his first F1 World Championship title. We designed, developed and manufactured all the Benetton harnesses during that era, from 1986 through to the present day with Enstone based Renault F1. Last but not least the current Mercedes era. We supplied the full harness systems for all the Mercedes championship-winning cars, including Lewis Hamilton’s current W10. In total, our systems have Won over 15 F1 World Championship titles. This is just a small insight into our heritage.

“Such a history is something our competitors certainly don’t have. History is all well and good but our priority is what we do today and how we move forward into the future” Stephen James, Renvale CEO.

Having worked with his father in the early years, motorsport is essentially in his DNA. Stephen has been responsible for taking our company into a new phase. With the move to our 1600m2 state of the art, purpose-built manufacturing facility. Renvale’s future is bright, with steady growth and an ever-increasing customer portfolio. Stephen now moves our processes and technologies into the new era of electrification and hybrid systems. The future is sure to see these systems further integrate into motorsport. We are already prepared, with dedicated manufacturing bays for HV electrification systems. Have integrated staff training and formed partnerships with leading Universities. We now play an integral role within Formulae, supplying a wide range of systems to teams and are fully committed to the future of this technology.

Alongside our heritage, drive and agility to fully embrace new technology. A strong contributing factor to why we won this award is our staff welfare and environmental policies. Alongside our formal recommendation for ISO 9001 certification, we have started our mission to gain ISO 14001 accreditation. Furthermore, our wiring harness manufacturing facility is powered by 100% renewable energy, we conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner, respecting our employees and the environment.

British Army's new Boxer MIV being displayed at RBSL's facility
Renvale's £10 million pound contract being finalised for wiring harness manufacture on the Boxer MIV