Sim Racing Max Verstappen – A Critical Component of Success

Jun 26, 2024 | 0 comments

So why is Max Verstappen the best F1 driver in the world, but also a sim racing beast?

Max is not just a Formula One champion; he’s a passionate and dedicated sim racer. Sim racing often mistaken for mere gaming, is a critical component of his preparation and strategy, especially for gruelling events like 24-hour races around the Nordschleife. Max’s commitment to simulator racing sets him apart from other drivers, contributing significantly to his success on the actual track.

Max’s skill in sim racing is a testament to his relentless pursuit of excellence. Unlike previous champions, Max is deeply invested in sim racing, frequently honing his skills. This dedication has made him exceptionally quick, but his intense focus on maintaining his racing line can lead to mistakes.

One of Max’s strengths is his ability to overtake with minimal deviation from his racing line. This precision is evident in his real-life performances, such as the dramatic overtaking of Lewis Hamilton in the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Max’s overtaking strategy forces other drivers to deviate, showcasing his dominance. This approach, however, can sometimes lead to errors when the situation demands more flexibility.

Racing against Max Verstappen is an insightful experience. His consistent lap times, even in traffic, highlight his exceptional skill. By studying Max’s braking, cornering, and overtaking techniques, sim racers can learn to improve their performance. Max’s meticulous use of track limits and his strategic approach to overtaking are lessons in precision and dominance.

2 formula 1 cars overtaking in a race. Dark  grey race track with red and white track limit lines. Max Verstappen dramatic overtaking of Lewis Hamilton in the 2021 Abu Dhabi GP
sim racing car LMP1 car very dark blue side on cornering over a blue and yellow track limit line trees in the background

Max’s sim racing prowess is not just about speed but also about maintaining consistency and minimising time loss in traffic.

His ability to maximize track limits and maintain high exit speeds is a model for aspiring sim racers. Comparing his driving with other elite racers, like Jardier, reveals the fine details that set Max apart.

In summary, Verstappen’s commitment to sim racing is a significant factor in his Formula One success. His meticulous approach to maintaining his racing line, his strategic overtaking, and his consistent lap times all contribute to his dominance.

For those looking to improve their sim racing skills, studying Max’s techniques offers invaluable insights. His example shows that dedication to sim racing can translate into real-world racing success, reinforcing his position as one of the best drivers in the world.

Picture of a large framed man front on in a black t shirt with crossed arms. AI motorsport track background
side on photo of a man with a blue t shirt sim racing, he has black head phones on and is turning a steering wheel with part of the screen in the foreground

Curious about the gear behind Max Verstappen’s sim racing dominance? Let’s dive into the champion’s top-tier setup!

Max is an avid fan of the Ascher Racing McLaren Artura sim wheels. His setup is nothing short of spectacular, featuring the PlaySeat F1 Ultimate with custom RedBull branding, but that’s just the beginning.

Verstappen’s rig is powered by the niche yet mighty SimSteering Ultimate, boasting an impressive 26 Nm of torque and a dedicated control box for peak performance.

His wheel of choice? The Ascher Racing McLaren Artura Ultimate of course! modelled from the official McLaren Artura GT4 steering wheel. It’s an ironic twist, given his real-life rivalry, but its quality and precision are undeniable.

For pedals, Max opts for the renowned Heusinkveld Ultimate+, a favourite among high-end sim racers.

Max’s setup is a testament to his passion and dedication to the sim, bridging the gap between real-world motorsport and sim racing.

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sim racing steering wheel shot side on showing coloured buttons and dials with black rubber grips and a large screen for data in the middle. Photographed on a dark silver stainless steel background
Black sim racing steering wheel black lengthways shot shoeing the black grips and paddles. Silver background