Ascher Racing Sim Wheels – Why Buy From Renvale ?

Ascher Racing and Renvale are united by a shared vision: Racing in perfection – driven forward by integrating the best of both virtual and real-world Motorsport technologies.

We believe you should buy Ascher Racing Sim Wheels from us for many reasons!

You’re not just purchasing a sim wheel, you’re investing in a legacy of excellence, innovation, unparalleled performance and customer service.

It’s time to revolutionise your sim racing experience with a fusion of cutting-edge technology and real-world Motorsport expertise. The Renvale, Ascher Racing collaboration brings together the best minds in mechanical, and electronic development. Creating steering wheels that are not just advanced, but race-proven in a real-world environment.

With unmatched expertise and decades of experience in designing bespoke wiring harness systems and electronic solutions for the World’s leading Motorsport teams

Renvale stands at the forefront of Motorsport technology. Our systems have contributed to winning an impressive 50 world titles across prestigious events like F1, FE, MotoGP, Le Mans, and WTCR.

When you buy Ascher Racing Steering Wheels from us, you’re investing in a legacy of excellence.

Time to embrace a fusion of advanced Ascher Racing steering wheel technology and real-world Motorsport expertise.

Renvale and Ascher Racing partnered to produced a race-ready steering wheel for both virtual and real-world racing.

Our collaboration is driven by a vision of racing perfection, where the best of both virtual and real-world Motorsport technologies converge.

Ascher Racing is the first SIM wheel-only manufacturer to establish a genuine partnership with a real car manufacturer. This recognition speaks volumes about the quality and innovation of their products. When you buy from us, you’re investing in steering wheels trusted by both virtual and real-world racing professionals.  

If we’re talking pro…meet Matt George, Renvale Ambassador, Professional GT driver, coach and Ascher Racing SIM wheel addict

He came up through the ranks in Karts. Just like many drivers. Then fought his way through into the GT circuit, including ADAC, British GT and European GT4. Gaining multiple wins, while driving the great British brands…Aston Martin and Jaguar.

Matt is pure talent on the track, he holds records for multiple fastest laps on the GT scene. He’s also exceptional on the SIM, helping racers improve and shave off those vital tenths.

Matt exclusively uses Ascher Racing steering wheels for his racing simulations. Praising their exceptional driver feedback, stating they closely replicate the on-track experience. Matt particularly appreciates the precise action of the paddles, impressive build quality, and advanced grip technology, all contributing to an outstanding SIM experience.👌👏