Ascher Racing Dashboard Review

Jun 21, 2024 | 0 comments

Ascher Racing Dashboard Review – the ONLY SimHub Screen You’ll ever need!

If you’re stressing to find the perfect dash for your sim racing setup, read this Ascher Racing Dashboard review. We love the 5-inch option over the 4 inch it’s super functional, and think it’s well worth the extra cost. 

What if we told you there’s a dashboard that gives you the ultimate support and complements the Artura Pro like a dream, or any other sim wheel for that fact?😊

Yes, you heard right! The new Ascher dash is out, and it’s a massive update. It now supports every sim title, including Assetto Corsa. No more hunting for a dashboard for every new mod or car. With this, you simply set it once and forget about it.

For those new to the stunning Ascher Dashes, it’s custom-designed and works on just about anything, steering wheels, monitorsthe world is yours!

It shows essential car and track info like gears, tyre pressures, temperatures, brake temps, fuel levels, and much more. It’sbeautifully designed and fully customizable.

The Ascher Racing Dashboard elevates your racing experience with 15 customisable LEDs positioned at the top, functioning as a dynamic shift light. Additionally, two sets of three LEDs on each side provide instant alerts for critical issues, such as race flag signals.

Perfectly crafted from CNC-machined aerospace aluminium, these dashboards reflect the same high standards as our renowned racing wheels. Each unit undergoes meticulous manufacturing and rigorous testing to guarantee exceptional quality.

Connecting to your PC is a breeze with the provided USB-C cable, and the dashboard can be securely mounted directly onto Fanatec or Simucube direct drive base units using the included carbon-effect mounting plates. You can easily adjust the vertical position to align perfectly with your line of sight or opt for a customized mount or a free-standing setup if preferred.

Ascher Racing Dashboards are officially supported and powered by SimHub software, unlocking an extensive range of configuration options and real-world race car display styles. You can effortlessly download official Ascher Racing displays or craft your custom layouts using the dash editor feature, ensuring a comprehensive and immersive racing experience.

So, how does it work? The Ascher Racing Dashboard is powered by SimHub, a must-have solution for sim racing. We won’t cover SimHub’s installation and configuration now, those are topics for another post, but our review will show you how to install it, configure it, and use it next.

The Ascher Racing Dashboard  front on photo with 3rd gear on the screen you can see some red lights before you need to gear change. it is black with an off white background
The Ascher dash with a Red renvale logo positioned on the screen.

This Ascher Racing dashboard review will guide you through the installation process step-by-step. First, head over to our shop page to check out the range of Dashes available.

These are the latest, supporting numerous sim titles. Follow instructions for first-time installers to download and install SimHub. Next, download the necessary fonts and install them by double-clicking each TTF file and clicking the install button.

After installing the fonts, download the latest software for the unit. Once downloaded, double-click the file to launch SimHub, which will prompt you to import the dashboard into the SimHub library. After a successful installation, open SimHub, go to Dash Studio and select one of the Ascher Racing dashboards from the list.

You can choose to display the dashboard on your SIM rig, a secondary monitor, or even a phone or tablet by scanning a QR code, which opens a browser displaying the options.

On a DDU, you can customize the idle screen with your driver number, name, and even colour codes. Modify the Ascher settings using the JSON file found in the SimHub installation folder.

The Ascher dash also includes flag indicators, damage widgets showing pit repair times, and more. Customize your dashboard by mapping functions to keys or buttons on your steering wheel or keyboard.

Lastly, check the Pit Wall app designed for secondary or fourth monitors, displaying comprehensive info like standings, lap times, track position, wind direction, and more.

Picture of black fonts showing numbers and letters on a white background
Bar code image in black with white background it can be used to scan software

Ok, let’s dive into the Ascher Racing Dashboard installation… safety first!

Please read this before installing Ascher Racing dashboards and using the products. The dashboard is intended for competitive sim racing, for indoor use only, and connects to a Windows PC via the provided USB-C cable.

Please adhere to the following safety guidelines:

  • Avoid Exposure to Moisture: Do not expose the device to rain or humidity to prevent the risk of fire and electric shock.
  • Temperature Range: Operate and store the device within a room temperature range of 15°C to 35°C.
  • Post-Simulation Driving: We strongly advise against driving a real vehicle immediately after using a racing simulation.
  • Age Restriction: This product is not intended for children under 15 years of age.
  • Choking Hazard: Contains small parts that pose a choking risk.
  • Health Precautions: Limit use to 20-minute sessions with 5-minute breaks, and do not exceed 2 hours of total use per day.
  • Personal Safety: Keep hair, clothing, and jewellery away from the product during use.
  • Single User Only: Only one person should use the product at a time. Keep others away while in use.
  • No Unauthorized Disassembly: Do not disassemble the product beyond the instructions provided.
  • Secure Mounting: Ensure the dashboard is securely mounted to your wheelbase, and that all screws are properly tightened before use.
  • Heat Exposure: Do not leave the device in direct sunlight or high-temperature locations, such as inside an unattended vehicle. Remove the device or store it out of direct sunlight to prevent damage.

The box contains the following components and accessories:

  • Ascher Dashboard
  • USB-C connection cable
  • Mounting plate for Fanatec DD1 & DD2
  • Mounting plate for Simucube SPORT, PRO, ULTIMATE (and all comparable direct drive motors)
  • Aluminium spacer for Asetek wheelbases: La Prima™, ForteÂŽ, Invicta™

All screws, washers, and spacers are listed in the product manual:

  • 2 pcs DIN 933 M4 x 10
  • 2 pcs DIN 933 M4 x 18
  • 2 pcs DIN 125 M4 A4,3
  • 2 pcs DIN 125 M6 A6,4
  • 2 pcs DIN 125 M8 A8,4
  • 2 pcs DIN 6912 M6 x 12
  • 2 pcs DIN 6912 M6 x 50
  • 2 pcs DIN 6912 M8 x 45
  • 2 pcs DIN 9021 M6 A6,4
  • 2 pcs aluminium spacer M4-D12-H7
  • 2 pcs aluminium spacer M8-D18-H6
  • 2 pcs aluminium spacer Asetek

Fanatec Mounting Options

The box includes hardware to mount the dashboard to the following wheelbases:

  • Fanatec DD
  • Simucube SPORT, PRO, ULTIMATE (and all comparable wheelbases)

The mounting plate has slot holes for continuous height adjustment. Use the aluminium spacers for additional adjustment along the steering axis. Spacers are necessary to provide enough clearance for screw heads and tools in the lowest mounting position. You will need a 7mm open-end wrench to properly tighten the M4 hex bolts.

Simucube Mounting

  • Remove both upper M6 screws from the Asetek front plastic cover.
  • Mount the Simucube mounting plate using the provided Asetek spacers and hardware, as shown below.
  • Carefully tighten the screws to avoid damaging the plastic cover. Use a maximum torque of 2.0 Nm (17.7 in-lbs).

Getting Started, Software Installation

Download the latest version of SimHub from the official website: SimHub Download.

Follow the installer instructions until SimHub is installed successfully.

The dashboard works with the free version of SimHub, but it’s recommended to purchase a license to support development and unlock additional features: Get a SimHub License.

A SimHub license unlocks the following features:

  • Drive LEDs and screen at 60 FPS instead of 10 FPS
  • Automatic game switching
  • Start minimized
  • No nag screens

Display Driver Installation

Download and install the latest VOCORE LCD driver: Devices Driver Installation.

Dashboard Import

Download the latest Ascher Dashboard or any other SimHub Dashboard from Ascher Racing Support.

Double-click the file (e.g., Ascher Racing V0.25.simhubdash) and clickImport to SimHub libraryto install the dashboard.

Add Device

Open SimHub and select theDevicestab on the left. AddAscher Racing 4’’/5’’ Dashesfrom the list of devices.

In theLCDtab, choose your preferred main dashboard, e.g.,Ascher Racing V0.25″.

In theLEDstab, the Ascher Racing LED profile will appear automatically.

Turn on the ON-OFF switch on the rear side of the dashboard. It will then show as connected within SimHub.

Select and start the simulation in theGamestab on the left and enjoy racing!

grey computer screen showing ascher racing sim dashboard data import.
simhub software on a PC screen. white with a list of configuration options for the 4 and 5 inch ascher dashes