Ascher Racing Artura Wheels V Pro GT Champion

Jun 18, 2024 | 0 comments

Join GT Champion Matthew George as he dives into the development of our GT steering wheel, comparing its performance to the Ascher Racing Artura Sim wheel.

Sharing his vision from the world of real GT4 motorsport and discover what sets these sim wheels apart with the expertise of a true racing pro!

Renvale’s race-proven steering wheel, designed for GT4 cars and potentially some GT3 or challenge cars, was created in collaboration with Ascher Racing. You’ll notice the similarities, including the beautiful hall effect shifters, two-position switches for TC and ABS and 10 fully customisable buttons.

Matthew is here to specifically talk about the Ascher Racing Artura Ultimate Sim wheel, its ergonomics, and its incredible functionality.

GT Champion Matthew George close up shot of him sitting in the simulator testing the Ascher Racing McLaren Artura range of steering wheels. Close up shot of the face with a dark background
Matthew George as he dives into the development of our GT steering wheel, comparing its performance to the Ascher Racing Artura Sim wheel range. Matt is holding both race wheels to show the similarities. He is wearing his white race suit, wearing a helmet with the visor down. Photographed on a white background

The Ascher Racing Artura wheels blur the line between virtual racing and real-world GT endurance motorsport, delivering an unparalleled driving experience that bridges the gap between simulation and reality.

This 300mm wheel offers all the functionality of a real GT car’s wheel, including ABS and TC switches, plus a large four-inch screen that provides comprehensive data visibility during SIM driving. The wheel features an impressive array of paddles, offering far more functionality than a real car, making it highly adaptable for sim racing.

The advancements in Ascher sim wheels have significantly improved comfort, functionality, and ergonomics, making the Artura Ultimate an outstanding choice for achieving your racing goal.

Additionally, the Ascher Racing McLaren Artura Pro sim wheel, which we didn’t have a chance to try today, is selling rapidly. It retains most of the Ultimate’s functionality, minus the screen, but you can always add an external screen later, making it a versatile option.

The Ascher Racing Artura sim wheel close up shot with black gloves resting on it. You can see the stunning aft 4 inch screen showing telemetry and the coloured dials and buttons on the steering wheel
close up shot of an Ascher Racing 5 inch screen on a sim racing set up. Showing all the driving telemetry. The sreen currently shows gear 6

The Ascher McLaren Artura Ultimate wheel has effectively bridged the gap between sim racing and real-life motorsport

It boasts super comfortable ergonomic grips, extra rotaries near the grips, and multiple paddles on the back, including clutches and push-to-pass buttons, allowing for various map and TC settings.

Modern cars and sim set-ups are incredibly complex, and being able to adjust everything from the driver’s seat is crucial for peak performance. A key feature is the backlit buttons with custom caps for each position, which is essential for clarity, especially during night driving and 24-hour races.