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We offer full and comprehensive support for all of our products and our engineers are always available for free telephone support throughout the year. In addition to this we will make any minor drawing

revision changes, etc, free of charge. Renvale has experienced support Engineers who can work as part of the trackside team and is currently supplying this service to various customers.

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Our Engineering department offers a wide range of skills and experience in systems designs of all types. Whether you need a complete system design or support for your own ideas, you can feel confident that your project is in safe hands.

The physical design process also benefits from skilled technicians with years of experience, not just in prototyping but in track-side support as well. Final approval of the proposed design and layout always rests with the customer.



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Texense Sensors

TEXYS was founded by Etienne Deméocq, former head of a Formula 1 team’s electronics department who has nearly 20 years’ experience in the development of high technology sensors.



Under the TEXENSE brand name, TEXYS designs, manufactures and distributes a range of sensors for racing, automotive and industrial applications. Search our online store for the best in TEXYS sensors.



From its base in England, Renvale supplies the benchmark Tony James electrical wiring harness systems to a world-wide customer portfolio of motorsport professionals, operating at the very highest levels in the sport.

It also distributes the French-made Texys World Pro series of top quality electronic sensors. Renvale adopts a policy of quality workmanship and continous improvement. Attention to detail and the quality of its products and services is at the heart of Renvale’s success. Renvale recognises the changes the motorsport industry has undergone in recent years and is perfectly positioned to offer top quality products and service to discerning professionals at very competitive prices by controlling costs and maintaining a value-for-money philosophy.



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